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If you haven’t guessed by now, what OL97: Microsoft Outlook Forms Help Available I’m talking about is using PM Apply To Open Open Error When Trying To Apply A Credit Memo In Payables Managment “social networking” online as a method to market yours or another’s product/service.

Social networking is everywhere! The old phrase, “I gotta check my email” has been replaced with “I gotta get on Facebook and see if I have any postings before I do anything else.”

I guess it’s human nature to want to stick our noses into other people’s business. Maybe there’s a bit of arrogance at play here as well. Perhaps we think we’ve got Street Lamps, One of the Greatest Street Furniture of All Time so much going on in our life that’s so important for the functioning of the A Trip to Hershey Park That Wasn't so Sweet world that we naturally think it needs to be shared.

Whatever the reasons, we know we need to be connected. It’s hard to imagine a time when we weren’t, isn’t it? You’ve got to admit, though, it feels good to share and for OL97: Referred By Field Will Not Import Into Outlook others to share with us. But what about using our online, social contacts to make some money? Sound good?

I’m not going to tell you that social networking as a means to make money online is completely new. It’s been around Women's Vegan Sandals for some time. However, not all have done that well Drop That Scalpel And Step Away From The Nurse with it.

Many “jump the gun” sign up on a MWBACKUP Can't Back Up More Than 1637 Files From One Dir site and begin offering some product. “Why should I buy from you”? “Who are you”? You first need to establish credibility. People have to get to know you.

You first need to set up your profile and make it personal. Tell a bit about yourself, your family, etc. Put up some pictures of yourself, family, dog, cat or grandma--whatever. Let people get to know you.

Create a blog. Now of course you’re going to want to do this in an area that goes along with your business. Perhaps you’ll befriend others who want to make money online; you’ll blog about the same toopic.

In a while you’ll want to invite others with similar interest to socialize with you in your area. You’ll blog about common interests that pertain to your business. But don’t get carried away at this point. Your new friends have to get to know you, feel comfortable with you before they’ll buy anything from you.

Now, once you’ve developed relationships with your followers, you can give them something. Notice I said “give” and not “sell.” You can give them short reports, insider articles or free products. Where, you may be thinking, could I get these things?

In another article I mentioned that you’re either selling your own product/service or that of another (affiliate). If it’s your product, you have to come up with the freebie yourself. If you’re an affiliate marketing another person’s product/service, then contact him/her for such materials.

In either case, you’ll place these items on your blog. Once you’ve instilled a sense of trust in you among your army of followers, they’ll now be more likely to take you up on your offer.

At the time you’re offering your freebies, you can say something like “If you found the information/materials helpful/informative, then you might want to take a look at… at the link below.” Then, of course you’ll list the link to your website or your affiliate What Is Immunotherapy For Allergies? Part 1/2 site. (I’m going to assume that if you have a website or if you’re an affiliate, you already know how to do this).

I’ll just throw out three popular social networking sites with which you can start: One could be Yahoo360, MSNspaces and of course Facebook. If you’d like to try others--though it’s not necessary--go to Google and type in quotes “top social networking sites” to get some more options.

Just a bit of advice with your freebies--don’t try to do all the options. Pick one and master it. Don’t be a “Jack of all trades.” Be a “Master of One.

Now if you found the information in this article to be of help, then take a look at the free video tutorials for more ideas at the link below.

This author is an internet marketer and consultant. He promotes various products and services online and offline, using a variety of PPT: Lines Appear Next To Slides On Printed Handouts methods and techniques. Maverick Money Making Group





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